Historical Prints of Niagara

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Every year at TAG Art Gallery, we celebrate the history of Niagara by putting our entire collection of historical art on display. Why? Well our ancestors came to Niagara as U.E. Loyalists, as canal builders, as founders of the town of Port Robinson, and as children of a Civil War veteran. So, Niagara is in our blood. And, nothing energizes us more than to share Niagara's history as presented through the world of art. Accordingly, we invite to view our extensive collection of historical prints, watercolours and pencil drawings - especially our latest additions from the world-renowned Winkworth collection.
Come and see through the eyes of the artists as they experience and share with the world the power and attraction of Niagara Falls, and Niagara's military and economic histories.
Please join us at 214 King St., St. Catharines, August 19th to October 3rd and celebrate your history! We are open Wednesday - Saturday, noon - 6 pm.
Tom & Frank Goldspink
TAG Art Gallery