Historic Prints of Niagara, Jun. 29th to Aug. 27th

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The Exhibition was feattured on Cogeco's 'The Source'. Click here to view the broadcast.
Niagara's military history is at the forefront once again, with 2016 being the 150th anniversary of the successful defence of Canada during the Fenian Raids.  TAG Art Gallery's current exhibition of Historic Prints of Niagara includes this watercolour (done at the time by a Fenian sympathizer) of troops  arriving at Port Dalhousie, on their way to fight the invaders in south Niagara.  The exhibition also features key events of the Rebellion of 1837 in Upper Canada, and of the War of 1812, including the Battle of Lake Erie, and the Battle of Queenston Heights; and original views of Fort George and Fort Niagara.
And Gallery visitors will be drawn by a 12-print display tracing the first hundred years of the evolution of illustrations of Niagara Falls, starting with Father Louis Hennepin in 1698.  Significant works include the second-ever engraving (c. 1700) of Niagara Falls, after the artist Sebastian Le Clerc; and an unusual hand-watercoloured version of a 1776 drawing by Swiss-born, English artist Henry Fuseli. Read more.