Current Group Show continues to Jan. 14th


We are offering wonderful winter-time scenes from Kapil Harnal, Robert Amirault, Scott White and Brita Housez, and new whimsical still lifes by Prudence Smith. In addition we have excellent work from many other Ontario and Quebec-based artists. For unique gifts, we feature art jewellery; glass and metal art; bronze, soapstone and limestone sculptures; and transfer art. A number of the paintings are ideal for larger-than-usual wall spaces.

Exclusive from TAG Art Gallery: Sale of Prints from the EY Collection
TAG Art Gallery is pleased to have been selected to assist EY Canada with the de-accessioning of much of its superb collection of Historical and Contemporary art prints. Viewing of the EY Canada Collection is on-line only. Click to view 160 prints in EY Historical, and for 60 prints in EY Contemporary. Purchases can be arranged by contacting the Gallery:

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TAG Art Gallery
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