Exceptional florals in Summer Group Show

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TAG Art Gallery is featuring brand new works from two artists – Krys Kaczkan and Brita Housez – who have captured the essence of Niagara’s floral scenery exceptionally well. Krys describes her art as incorporating the spirituality found in nature and the intrinsic messages that surround us every day.  Brita strives to convey basic human emotions through her use of vibrant colours and multi-layers of paint while making sure, at the same time, that every painting is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ piece of art. For the Summer ’18 Group Show, the Gallery is pleased to offer also, new works from Fraser Radford, Prudence Smith, Richard Sadowski, Hanna MacNaughtan and Barbara-Jean Lovell.  The show has a wide selection of affordable art to meet the most varied décor needs, including excellent landscapes and abstracts which are perfect for larger wall spaces.  Among the Niagara artists participating in the show are Andrea Smits, Sueda Akkor, Danny Custodio, MABO, Lorenda Harder, Robin Nisbet, Baxo, and Francie McGlynn.