Gordon Miller

Artist Statement/Biography

“In my artwork, I want to capture a feeling or idea, in order to make a connection with the viewer so that together we can explore the great Native culture and tradition. At one time almost destroyed, Native ways are experiencing a renaissance. I approach my work with no preconceived ideas or plans.

“After applying paint on canvas, an image may appear, or an idea or feeling may be ignited which will beckon me to bring it to life. This is an exciting moment in my creative process. The colours, forms and stories unfold and reveal to both my audience and me something new that we did not know before. My paintings are my response to the strength, splendor, beauty and spirituality that I experience in my culture and traditions.” 

Gordon Miller has had a lifetime passion for drawing and painting. Born in Gogama, Ontario, a small town in Northern Ontario, he grew up feeling a natural connection to the wilderness, with its beauty and splendor.

Gordon is a member of the Mattagami First Nation. His appreciation of the art, crafts and stories of his ancestry became, in essence his road into the ‘Native Universe’. By connecting with his roots through art, Miller has been able to connect with his lineage. He states, “It is a place that moves backward in time, but is optimistic of the future. We are defining our future with our own scholars, dreamers, and artists.”

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