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“My goal is to move away from the familiar imagery of nature, and create a unique visual presentation that acts as a portal for the viewers to enter

and embrace their own emotions, experiences and dreams.”

Artist Biography

Hanna MacNaughtan is an artist from a village in South Eastern Ontario. Originally from a small town in western New York state, in 1985, marriage brought her to Ontario where she and her husband settled. Hanna describes herself as having been born an artist; and she has been creating art in one form or another for as long as she can remember. Her current artwork is focused on large, textured, abstract and impressionistic paintings on canvas. Her main inspiration comes from riparian foliage and the dynamic light along the river near her home; as well as the colours, textures, and sounds of nature. Additionally, her more-than-20 years of work as a Registered Nurse with oncology patients has had a significant ethereal effect on her creative process. Hanna is represented by several fine art galleries in Canada and the United States.

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