Ivan Schneider

Artist Statement/Biography

During his successful career in the advertising industry, Ivan was pulled in a different direction to find the time to create his art. Weekends, available nights, extended holidays were taken just to get out to sketch and paint. At the start, many paintings and sketches were sold to friends and at outdoor, weekend art festivals. Lino & woodcuts took over his art life for a while, with images varying from landscapes to circuses to daily life.

Ivan’s passionate view of the natural world could hardly be contained within the limits imposed by paper or canvas. Yet his work reveals the rhythms of the seashore and landscapes. Ivan makes small easel works that are meant to be viewed closely and experienced intimately.

Ivan likes to draw the viewer into the work. This engages the eye and brain to reach into the forms and colors to see and enjoy the movements caught on paper or canvas. Shapes and hues are found everywhere. So each art piece is an accomplishment in design, composition, pattern and color of the subjects.

Most viewers happily enter his landscapes and seascapes and continue to see new twists and echoes that have been expressed by Ivan’s skills. Sometimes, his art expresses his life experiences and deeply hidden feelings collected over years of observing nature’s shapes. Most of Ivan’s collectors have more than one piece of his art. Many have three or four. (From the Artist.)

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