Jing Fu

Artist Statement/Biography

Jing Fu was born in Shanghai, China. She began learning art at a very young age. Discouraged by the inequities of the art world in her homeland, she gave up her painting career and worked as a fashion designer for many years. In late1998 she moved to Canada and rekindled her interest in fine art.

Jing tries to use her own language, derived from her training in traditional Western painting as well as Chinese ink painting, to create a space that is an artistic conception based in nature.

During her many years of art practice, Jing learned that traditional Chinese painting seldom follows scientific perspective or provides realistic portrayals, but rather gives the artist the freedom to follow subjective feelings. Her most recent works echo the natural world within the framework of peace and harmony. She approaches each painting by blending the lifelike and the unlifelike, which reflects her love of the North American countryside, which she often explores and photographs. Her landscapes, which are based on traditional western and eastern art techniques, have rapidly earned a growing body of fans.

Since 2002, Jing has exhibited in many group and solo shows with galleries and museums. Her art is in private collections across the United States and Canada.

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