Jon Klassen

Artist Statement/Biography

Jon Klassen says the following words describe, perfectly, his calling as an artist. “The process of this work is – quite literally – communion with the unseen. The result is illusion. Amen.”

His artist statement:
”My work is of a rough, grungy nature, consisting of subjects that primarily include man and beast. Execution is as a journey with nonspecific aim and familiar ethic. Seldom are preconceived visions of the finished work present during the process of the work itself, but rather discoveries of different means of distortion or manipulation to reoccurring subject matter. These works are the result of the most recent direction I’ve taken.

“The most common used medium is oil on canvas, although works often include acrylic, spray paint, charcoal, ink or graphite. The work is done in many layers and is liable to result in many sessions given to a single piece, allowing a single layer to dry before further application of more medium. Completion of a work is deemed sometimes days after a piece has last been touched, and often don’t include a signature within the dimensions of the work, as I find it too often unfitting and distracting.”

Johnathon Klassen was born in London, Ontario in 1984. Jon was raised throughout the small-town regions of southwestern Ontario, finding his roots in German-Mennonite culture and heritage. Self-taught in his work, his primary focus on painting was established in 2006 and he has, since then, exhibited his work throughout Eastern Canada, working under the moniker “Clockshovel”. Most recently, he was creating his art in the Tilsonburg ON area, before re-locating to Montreal.

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