Kathy Toth

Artist Statement/Biography

These three paintings are from the Artist’s ‘Reverse Macro’ series

“This series is an exploration of two of my favorite callings – painting with spray paint, and exploring the incredible colour-and-pattern combinations found in nature. These patterns are probably the most brilliant and breathtaking in the world. Much of their usefulness stems from either blending in with the environment, or illustrating clear warnings of danger.

“I have always chosen color patterns for my works from those found in the wild, and actually got my start by painting and illustrating animals in their natural habitats. My current series focuses on butterflies and moths, some of which have markings and patterns which are not only wonderful, but which also complement the medium of spray paint very well.”

Kathy Toth was born and raised in Toronto. She currently practices painting, photography, and sculpture. In 2013, she published ‘Hidden Toronto’, photographs of graffiti in inconspicuous locations, specially in the suburbs.

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