Ken Wallace

Artist Statement/Biography

“I grew up in a rural area and spent considerable time with young friends, going fishing, camping, hiking, ice skating, riding bicycles, etc. in the countryside where I enjoyed the outdoors and nature. At the age of nine I also started drawing and sketching various things of interest including different wildlife and nature scenes. I was encouraged by my parents and a public school teacher/principal. After highschool, I went on to graduate from Niagara College where I studied graphics and art.

“As a graphic artist I always had an interest in fine art and eventually developed skills in the fine arts using oil paints on stretched canvases. Because of my childhood experiences in rural areas I developed an interest in painting wildlife. I enjoyed capturing expressions on wildlife and also developed an interest in scenery with the wildlife.

As I became older, I opened my own art gallery in Ridgeway, Ontario for a short while and also taught wildlife oil painting at nights at Niagara College. I had artwork in various galleries across Canada and the northern U.S. I have travelled across Canada and the U.S. where I have studied wildlife or animals in their nature habitats.

Today I am continuing my artistic journey and supplying galleries with my artwork of wildlife and scenery and hope others will enjoy my artistic works and endeavours.”

St. Catharines artist Ken Wallace was born in Alliston, Ont. Growing up, his family lived in Paris, Ont., and Stevensville, Ont.

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