Krys Kaczkan

Krys began her studies at 17 as a design student working under the influence of Louie Berai at Niagara College. At 19, a solo journey across Europe impacted a decision for further studies in the arts, after touring many of the galleries and architectural sites abroad.

Ultimately, Krys earned a BFA from the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Studio Studies and as well received a diploma in visual design. Upon graduation, she accepted the position of Gallery Director at Galerie Machan in St. Catharines, bringing her back to her home town. She has received numerous Jury awards for her work, and has exhibited in many public and commercial galleries across Canada. Currently, she is a full-time artist who works from her studio in St. Catharines.

Krys’ early exposure to rural life in St. Catharines has had a major impact on her art. Her paintings focus on the changing landscape of Niagara, whether fruit lands, wetlands, or shorelines. She works “en plein air” to capture the light, colors and textures of the day. Many of these paintings are considered complete, while others are brought back to the studio and used as references in her ongoing work. The outdoor works are usually small and more intimate in scale, while her completed studio works can be much larger and monumental.

More recently, her focus has expanded past the boundaries of Niagara, incorporating the spirituality found in nature and the intrinsic, subtle messages that surround us in our daily lives.

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