Lynn J. Williams

Artist Statement/Biography

“I come from a very artistic lineage, musically, poetically and visually. Having grown up in Montreal, I have been closely linked with the creative pulse of the city and it’s many eclectic characters. All the while, a creative restlessness was brewing with no particular avenue of expression.

“One morning, in a very dark point in my life, a thought dropped into my mind, that I would become an artist at the age of 50. A few years later I relocated to Perth ON, and met my art mentor, Joseph Foster, of ‘Marshal Arts Studio’. Joe has been instrumental in helping me find my ‘Visual Voice’. After years of darkness, my life is now filled with vivid, life-giving colour.

“I am very aware of the emotional affect that colour holds and my use of it, in my abstract style, brings life to my emotional and spiritual being. I choose to work in oil with pallet knives and I have discovered a new process. In my experience, utilizing my fingers, allows me to physically connect to and become one with my paintings.”

Lynn J. Williams of Perth ON has work in international and Canadian collections.

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