Magdalena Lesniak

Artist Statement/Biography

“I love the seemingly endless opportunities that a camera gives me.

“In a fraction of a second I can record a picture that would otherwise take me weeks or even months to paint.

“In my photographic adventure I tend to depict colours and forms rather than people, places or events.

“I am also intrigued by the changes that Nature inflicts on human creations,
and I try to capture in my pictures the fragility and the beauty of this intricate relationship.”

Born in Poland, Magdalena received her MFA from the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, Department of Sculpture. She also completed postgraduate work at the Academy. (Polish medallic art has been celebrated internationally since the end of the 1970s.)

Since graduating she has been chosen, regularly, to place works at international exhibitions. Pieces by her are part of museum collections cross Europe, and she has been popular with private collectors in Canada, United States, Japan and Europe.

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