Nasser Ghaderi

Artist Statement/Biography

“I don’t know what truth is. I only know love, beauty, and freedom, and through art I can experience them all.”

Nasser Ghaderi of West Vancouver arrived to painting with the background of poetry and film. The medium of painting matched his sense of energy and expression. In an effort to produce original and spontaneous work, he made the conscious decision to refrain from formal art training and from studying other artists’ work. Similarly, he abstained from using conventional tools and techniques. Instead he throws, splashes, drizzles, drips, swirls … paint on the canvas, yet each painting dictates its own technique.

Ghaderi escapes point of view by focusing on process and experimentation instead of plotting a final product. He says that the key to creating such pieces is to paint without being conscious of what is emerging. He lets each painting impose itself on him instead of letting his thoughts impose on the painting. He notes that this can happen only by eliminating the self. Therefore, Ghaderi’s paintings act as mirrors. The motifs are a reflection of the viewers who stand in front of them. The paintings invite viewers to actively create their own meanings and consequently construct the paintings allowing them to become their own.This involvement turns the viewer into the creator. The paintings therefore are dynamic and fluid as each time they are viewed, they change. Each work finds a new identity when viewed by a different person, giving the work infinite life.

Ghaderi says, “Art is the gap between life and death. And painting is as simple and as complex as taking a breath.” (from the Artist’s web site)

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