Paul Pinola

Artist Statement/Biography

“I have been painting since the 1970s. Being a self-taught artist, I find myself constantly exploring different techniques and subject matter. I began with oil paints but moved to acrylics because of their speed and versatility. They also allow for interesting layering possibilities.

“Currently, I am working on paintings, both flat and relief, which explore nature as a subject matter.”

“(Previously,) I started exploring assemblage sculptures. I created these from found objects such as furniture and other debris. With these, I was exploring the human form in various abstracted images, as well as (creating) symbolic pieces which represented totems and ritual objects.

“From there, I also began working on relief paintings, using found materials glued to a canvas (or panel), and then painted. I’ve also made experimental musical instruments, using my background as a musician.”

Paul Pinola is a St. Catharines artist. In the past eight years, he has been in solo and group exhibitions at art galleries in St. Catharines, Grimsby and Hamilton.

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