Paul Tyson

Artist Statement/Biography

“The images we observe conceal our emotions, but by disturbing the spatial relationships these hidden feelings can be liberated to form intangible and mysterious ways of seeing the world.”

“My ‘Reflections’ series began with the impressionist visual effects of sunlight reflected off water in the old part of Cordoba, Spain. Form was transformed into patterns of light and colour by the liquid surface.

“In Sevilla, the water in the arched tunnels in the depths of Alcazar reflected the mysterious architectural symmetry. The impressionist effects of light reflected off water reveal the complexity of human perception. Spontaneous natural patterns of . . . shadows show us an invisible texture in our universe.

“Buildings and sculptures photographed with different mediums such as metal cylinders or distorting optical glass are infused with ambiguous feelings. Blurring and bending the light spectrum of esoteric forms . . . is the artist’s palette to create self-referential order out of the chaotic structure of the image. The photographs . . . are seeds for the imagination and reflect the (viewer’s) unconscious memories, fears and wishes.”

Wainfleet artist Paul Tyson is an Emeritus Professor of Psychology at Brock University.

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