Rhonda Nolan

Artist Statement/Biography

Rhonda’s paintings are an expression of energy – a fury of shape, colour and texture. She allows herself to experience whatever life has to offer her, thriving in the energy of newness and change. Her osmosis-like process, from subjects around her, fuels this expression.

For over 20 years, Rhonda Nolan has had her studio and raised her family in the Junction, a neighbourhood in western Toronto. Her paintings appear both in print and in galleries throughout Toronto. They have been used on greeting cards, in children’s books and for corporate accounts.

She is an active community player. She has sat on community boards, such as The Junction Forum for Arts & Culture (JFAC); volunteered for adult and youth art programs in her own community and co-ordinates an art program for the homeless in Toronto’s inner-city.

Rhonda is a willing collaborator and lives a life of art expression.

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