Shannon Shuster

Artist Statement/Biography

“Creating art is a passionate process, as well as a necessary venue of expression and catharsis.  I often create with a palette knife in each hand, exploring both my emotional state and my connection with the universe in that particular moment.

“Through colour, texture and the movement of oil paint, I try to capture the beauty and find meaning in the chaos, with each artistic adventure challenging my struggles to spiral out and evolve.  Inspiration comes from my attempts to understand humanity, the boxes of limitation, and the underlying visceral energy of our current existence.”

Shannon Shuster is an artist, writer and ‘riot grrrl’!  She is a graduate of the University of Toronto, in English literature, political theory, and the psychology of religion.  She has no formal arts training,” just an artistic soul with an intense passion to learn, create, explore, and challenge myself” through various mediums.  She lives in Toronto with her Muse and their three “awesome kids”.

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