Tracey Lawko

Artist Statement/Biogaphy

Tracey Lawko is an award-winning textile artist, quilter, longarmer and embroiderer who creates densely-stitched landscapes and richly-textured still life art. The intensive process is her way of appreciating, documenting, and honouring the world around her.

“My landscape art celebrates the calming pastoral scenes of rural Ontario. The scenes are views around my studio, located in the hills of the Niagara Escarpment (to the south of Georgian Bay). I love the views in all directions, the long and the short, and in all seasons. When I look at these views, my lungs open and I breathe.

“(For) my still life art, (I use) a raised stitchery technique. Three-dimensional effects are achieved by padding and applying detached motifs to a background. The difference is that I apply modern tools to this 16th-century art form. I combine centuries-old hand-embroidery techniques with modern, free-motion machine stitching.”

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