Vicki Ferras

Artist Statement/Biography

Vicki’s work has progressed through a variety of themes and media. Beginning with large bold acrylic abstracts, she reduced ideas to their essence using hard-edged, valued colour techniques. Following this, acrylic and watercolour landscapes evolved with a focus on character-driven specifics within their locations. A line of pen & ink drawings for note cards were printed during this time along with the publishing of one limited-edition print. During the past few years, Vicki’s mixed media non-representational paintings and drawings reflect personal experience, imaginative interpretations, and conceptual thought. Stemming from concepts of the conscious and the sub-conscious, viewers’ reflections on the pieces often find new meanings relating to their personal realm of experience.

Born in Brantford, Ontario, Vicki has engaged a lifelong interest and involvement in visual art. Following high school, she formally studied art at the Universities of Waterloo and Toronto, and most recently at the United World Colleges in Montezuma and at The Toronto School of Art. Since the late 70’s, her work has been exhibited in galleries and businesses throughout Southern Ontario. In addition to completing private and corporate commissions, Vicki taught art classes for children and adults at her home studio during the 90’s and has recently returned to offering private watercolour classes to adults. Her public school teaching career has covered all elementary and secondary grades including the International Baccalaureate program with a focus in visual arts. During the mid 2000’s, Vicki attended Brock University to attain a Masters Degree while researching the nature of highly artistic students. She lives in Milton ON. (from the Artist)

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