Artist Statement/Biography

One knowledgeable gallery owner suggests the artist is of the Group of Seven School, based on the subject and technique of this “Untitled” painting currently hanging in the gallery.

The view across a boreal-forest lake of the Canadian Shield, with sunlight reflecting off the far shore and multi-hued clouds filling the sky, speaks to a clear Group of Seven influence (particularly Tom Thomson’s works of Algonquin Park). The “unknown artist” seems to have found calm and serenity in this setting, rather than the wildness and menace which are the undertones of many Thomson paintings.

The “impasto” technique of this piece is one often used by the Group of Seven School. Paint is “thickly applied to a canvas or panel so that it stands in relief and retains the marks of the brush or palette knife,” (Dictionary of Art). The method gives a painting a three-dimensional texture and the artist has a control of reflected light different than from a flat surface.

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