Pauline Giguère


Giguere, Pauline


Au-delà de mes rêves


mixed media on canvas


14 " x 18 "


Artist Statement/Biography

Artist Statement/Biography

“As an established artist, my creative focus is to express beauty through the magic of colours and shapes. Just as the human race evolved down through time, so has my painting style grown and changed. This evolution has led me to new experiences, both in self-expression and use of different media.

“In this period of my artistic life, I favour semi-abstract scenes or total abstraction, where I can use 'gestures' which allow for subtle shadings in the direction of my work. But my goal remains steadfast: to find and reveal beauty in the world which surrounds us, despite the upheavals of modernity.

“The harmonies of colours that are found in nature and elsewhere inspire and fascinate me. I can be overwhelmed by an emotion, a landscape or even an object. . .Varied textures, expressive colours, and, especially, intense contrasts of light and shadow, give life to my paintings.

“The basic principles of aesthetics and technique remain always as the foundations of my artistic journey because I believe that good results only emerge from a disciplined use of shapes and colours.”

Pauline Giguere is a Quebec City artist.