Richard Sadowski


Sadowski, Richard


“Aureole” (Sold)


photographic print on canvas (1/1), gallery-wrapped


30" x 24"


Artist Statement/Biography

“Some Churches look like they represent a Higher Power. That was the case with St. Paul’s Anglican Church in Fort Erie. The stone structure was backlit by clouds and a setting sun giving a very strong aureole effect. The image was created with a Graflex large format camera allowing for excellent detail” – Richard Sadowski

Artist Statement/Biography

“Through most of my life I have been drawn to learning about the technical aspects of the world around me. I became interested in film photography 7 years ago when I found a couple of my father’s cameras – a 1935 Leica III and 1927 ICA VP.

“Photography offered unique ways to expand my knowledge by studying light transmission and reflection, and lens design. (Not to mention the opportunity of playing with lots of interesting cameras!)

“But, a few years ago a life-changing event gave me the opportunity to re-evaluate my thinking and to develop an open mind toward everything, including aesthetics as they relate to Art and the creation and appreciation of beauty.

“I began exploring the world around me with a different perspective and creating images of it with my cameras. I work mostly with either film and traditional darkroom techniques; or a ‘hybrid’ analogue/digital process. I try to maintain a beginner’s mind by experimenting with different film formats and alternative techniques, and many different cameras.”

Richard Sadowski’s images have been published in Canadian Geographic, Ontario Road Map, and local newspapers, and will appear in Black & White magazine (December 2017). He participated in the ‘Raw and Reimagined: Photo Exhibition’ at Willowbank Gallery in Niagara-on-the-Lake in early 2016. As well, two of his photographs appeared as background illustrations in the lyric book for the album ‘1221’ from Niagara songwriter and musician Cory Cruise.

Richard was born in St. Catharines and attended Brock University. After graduation, work took him around the province for a number of years until he came back to Niagara to settle down. Currently, he works in St. Catharines and lives in Port Colborne with his wife and two daughters.