Gordon Wilson


Wilson, Gordon


Autumn Island ($350 On Sale. Reduced from $700)


gouache on paper


12" x 12"


Artist Statement/Biography

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Artist Statement/Biography

“I’ve been an artist since I left the crib. I see life through the eyes of an artist. Love to paint. Stay positive and maintain a good sense of humour.

“As an artist, when you need inspiration, look in the last place (that) you’d think of looking, and you find something magic! It’s an exercise that I do when out walking the dog, or during my long commute to work each day – looking for beauty (meaning, painting possibilities) that may simply be overlooked.

Gordon Wilson is an artist living in Qualicum Beach BC. He has been a secondary-school teacher, and an artist/illustrator, working in television and for numerous publications.

His strong advice e for his fellow artists: ”Create on, brothers and sisters! Do what you were put here to do!”