Larissa Svinoukhova


Svinoukhova, Larissa


Autumn Reflection


acrylic & oil on canvas


18" x 24"


abstract art, seascape or cityscape art

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Artist Statement/Biography

Artist Statement/Biography

“The main thing - is to improve my skills and to convey through my paintings all the beauty of the world around us and the love for the place where we live."

"I am on the road to perfection.”

Larissa is relatively new to the art scene. She loved to draw in pencil in school and with no formal training but great ambition, she pursued her dream of painting in color, and she started to paint in acrylics few years ago when she reached her early 60s. She learned art by watching tutorials for beginner artists on the internet; by reading books; and by practicing a lot. She began to paint with acrylic but now also is exploring her creativity in oil painting. She is still taking online painting lessons from professional artists and attends art classes at a local school. Her style leans towards landscape and still life, painting with brush or palette knife, but she is always willing and ready to try new themes and art styles.

In 2015, a friend with 40 years of painting experience introduced her to the ‘Old Masters Method’ of painting of seven layers in the Flemish techniques. Larissa was very curious to learn such an approach and decided to try it for herself. (She says painting a picture with like this takes a couple of months, and there are six months more for drying.)

She has not found her own style yet, but the main direction of her work is realism, so that her paintings are not difficult to understand and reflect a special warmth and simplicity. In her three short years of painting, Larissa has been selected to participate in Group Shows at several galleries in the Golden Horseshoe. And one of her paintings was juried into the Society of Canadian Artists on-line exhibition. Larissa is Russian-born, and now lives in Toronto.