Melody Madden


Madden, Melody




oil on canvas



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Artist Statement/Biography

Artist Statement/Biography

“Melody’s dreamy landscapes and emotive cloudscapes takes us to a place e of lightness and calm. The openness of the skies and pristine lands of Muskoka figure prominently in her work which transports (the viewer) to the place she calls home.” – Jing Palad, Appleton Art

Melody Lynn Madden was born and raised in Toronto, and moved to Muskoka in the late 1990s.

“Growing up, my grandmother instilled in me the value of working with my hands… a creativity that may have never manifested itself if not for her. She was an embroiderer and to watch her fingers move the needle effortlessly through the fabric when she sewed …as if through water .. silent and smooth was simply beautiful. I worked in textiles for fifteen years because of her influence and then moved to paint five years ago.

“My grandfather loved film. He took me to my first movie when I was 5 years old.  Mary Poppins. The memory of that scene in the park with Burt .. Jumping into the paintings.. I feel like I paint places I would like to jump in to.

“Those two pivotal moments in my life - my grandmother teaching me the value of working with my hands and my grandfather showing me the magic of places I could create; places I could jump into … Places of comfort. It’s taken me all this time to see how those early exposures to art in two different forms planted a seed in me creatively . . .

“I use a lot of glazing in my art as I am quite taken with the luminosity and depth I can achieve with that process. I never draw anything on (surface) before I begin because I feel  it limits what may present itself.  I just go with what I feel and trust that will be enough. I also never premix my colours, preferring to do it on the canvas (or panel).”

Melody also teaches regularly at a drop-in art group for youth in Orillia.