Karen Rieger


Rieger, Karen


Evening Light


acrylic on canvas


48" x 48"


Artist Statement/Biography

Artist Statement/Biography


“Like many Canadians, Karen Rieger’s childhood summers were filled with weekend explorations of the countryside north of Toronto and beyond. These early road trips, rich with images, fed her internal visual archive. Viewed from the car window, an ever-changing vista rolled before her eyes. Walks through woods immersed her in dark shadows where rays of glinting light pushed their way between boughs, dappling the forest floor, luminous and redolent of earth.

“In this new series, Rieger paints scenes inspired by the Southern Ontario countryside and Toronto’s verdant backyards, all filtered through imagination and an emotional response translated into lively brushstrokes and an abundance of colour. Impasto strokes are laid upon watercolour like underglazes and the charcoal marks of the initial drawing are sometimes revealed. The paintings depict the energetic essence of landscape and capture the passion for the natural world that she was introduced to as a child, that held a kind of magic and an ethereal quality that still resonates strongly within her”. (from the Artist)

Karen Rieger is a Toronto artist who has been exhibiting and selling her work for about 35 years. Her art has been shown across Canada, as well as in galleries in the United States and Europe. She is a graduate of the University of Toronto, the Art Centre of Central Technical School, and the Ontario College of Art.