Linda Langerak


Langerak, Linda


Just Peel Back The Layers ($225 On Sale. Reduced from $450)


acrylic on canvas


18 " x 24 "


Artist Statement/Biography

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Artist Statement/Biography

Linda Langerak is an abstract visual artist with over 25 years of painting experience who resides in Beaverton Ontario. She creates one-of-a-kind originals that are filled with passion, energy and vibrant color.

Linda was born and raised on beautiful Vancouver Island, in Victoria, British Columbia, before moving to Toronto, Ontario at the age of 18, armed with a scholarship in art.

“My paintings are very psychological in nature. They are a very intimate and personal expression of what I see in my head and feel inside of me at the time that I create them. My current focus is to paint pieces that are based on my reaction to life experiences; both my own and that of others.”

“I have always been drawn to the work of the Abstract Expressionists, and I too feel that the act of painting is just as important as the outcome. Every color selected and every brushstroke painted is calculated, meaningful and placed with purpose and intent.”

“For me, painting is like eating, breathing, and sleeping; it is truly an extension of who I am. My desire for you, the viewer, is that you be moved and empowered by the visual display in front of you. May you be captivated by the colors and their movement, and allow my art to speak to you in a way that taps into your emotional senses.”

Linda is a proud member of SOYRA (Society of York Regional Artists), the Colour and Form Society, and the Uxbridge Art Association. Her artwork appears in several private and corporate collections in both Canada and the United States. (from the Artist)