Marshal Foster


Foster, Marshal


A Pear


acrylic and gold leaf on canvas


36" x 12"


Artist Statement/Biography

Artist Statement/Biography

'Some people paint like a beautiful symphony. Marshal paints like rock and roll.'

"This was a comment made by a fellow artist about my work and I think it sums up my way of painting exactly. I work in oil on canvas with a great deal of pallet-knife application and bold, strong texture. I have recently been creating scenes from my rural area - mostly landscapes and still-life paintings with runny paint and partial images to represent the disappearing culture that I have grown up in. The farming community is dissolving rapidly, giving way to real-estate development and human encroachment and so I feel strongly the need to record this environment while it exists.

"This may sound overwhelming, but, in the art world, you learn about long-term goals and always working towards the unattainable, so the undertaking seems tailor-made for me."

Marshal Foster lives and creates his art in the Smith's Falls area of eastern Ontario.