Nancy Haskell


Haskell, Nancy


oil & pastel on canvas


20" x 16"

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Artist Statement/Biography

Artist Statement/Biography

Nancy has been involved in the visual arts through photography and painting for many years. She started painting in 1991, and has shown her work in Niagara, the Toronto area, and in various galleries in southern Ontario and the United States.

Her mediums are oil and soft pastel, and she is drawn, particularly, to soft pastel Primary colours and texture in a primitive and free composition foretell Nancy's style.

One of her passions is presenting the faces of women showing attitudes of expression. She particularly enjoys painting and drawing these attitudes. Another of her subject matters is a combination of still life telling a story of the happening in a room setting, quite often with diagonal lines and with movement from flying curtains.

Nancy very seldom paints from a subject in front of her, but rather the subject is projected from her mind and imagination. Her years of experience in photography certainly play a large part in the composition, colour, and subject matter.

Lastly, she will always recognize that the photographers in her life have been a great influence and support for her work.