Francie McGlynn


McGlynn, Francie


Scene from the Merrictton Cenotaph


oil pastels on watercolor paper


15" x 24"


Artist Statement/Biography

Artist Statement/Biography

New from Francie McGlynn: paintings in oils

“Fish are often used to represent the unconscious so it was not a surprise to me when they appeared in these new pictures.  Fertility symbols,  religious symbols, sacred meals, cold blooded, they are numinous and mystical.

“The French titles  came about after the orange highlights on ‘Coeurs d'or’  had evolved into goldfish and I was ready to name the piece.  

“The word ‘goldfish’ has a lot of baggage in our society, especially for anyone who has ever had one as a pet.  I picked up my French dictionary just to see the translation for 'goldfish'  but I didn't get far.  When I found the word  gold, the phrase 'coeur d'or'  (heart of gold) jumped out at me and I had such a buzz that I knew I had the right title.  Of course, with eight little fish in the picture, the final title became ‘Coeurs d'or’. 

“My initial instinct was to capitalize every word.  However, after several e-mails flying between here and Quebec, and even though I was assured artistic license would allow that, I settled on a title capitalized  in the French manner.

“After that, naming ‘Coeurs d'ange’ (angel hearts) was quite simple.”

Francie McGlynn was born in St. Catharines and grew up in Merriton. She graduated with a major in Fine Art from the University of Waterloo and went on to receive her teaching degree. She taught for 10 years in the Yukon and 15 years in St. Catharines before retiring. Before trying oils, she had done mixed-media works on paper with India ink, acrylic pastels and glazing. Read More about her decision to explore oil painting.