Rachel Hélène Amram


Amram, Rachel Hélène


Setting Sun, 1


acrylic on canvas


24 " x 24 "


Artist Statement/Biography

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Artist Statement/Biography

Rachel Hélène Amram’s paintings examine a relationship between abstraction and representation. By overlapping her approaches to the explorations of colour, form and texture, her semi-abstract landscapes and realistic portraits evoke the meditative qualities of her subjects while teasing out the viewer’s experience through layered surfaces.

Painting in both acrylics and oils, Rachel combines intuitive colour application with a translation of physical and spiritual qualities of the figure or landscape. With painterly realism, her portraits transform an individual’s face into a unique colour field, mapping out the presence of each subject. Conversely, her latest series of seascapes references the fleeting impressions of light on the shoreline, becoming snapshots of peripheral vision and memory, distilled into colourful, fragmented compositions. The atmosphere that she captures is both a distillation of the seascape at different times of the day, as well as a portrayal of an open, peaceful space, symbolic of stillness, of silence.

In both her seascapes and portraits, there is a play between distance and familiarity, anonymity and recognition, inviting the viewer into a visual dialogue.