Greg Dow


Dow, Greg


The Stationmaster’s Office


acrylic on canvas


48" x 36"

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Artist Statement/Biography

Artist Statement/Biography

Greg commits himself to full-time painting although an introspective pause in actively exhibiting allowed a re-examination of his goals following the realization that much of his audience responded to subject matter instead of appreciating abstract composition and a work’s execution for their own intrinsic value. The tension between the subject/vehicle and the abstract content of his paintings demanded reconciliation - at least to his personal comfort and satisfaction.

“ . . . I continue with a representational approach accepting that humans respond to the abstract and aesthetic experience most easily through familiar imagery. While my current subjects speak to me on an emotional way, they more importantly serve my artistic aim to confront questions and challenges at the theoretical level of the language of visual communication.

“While expression through clichés trivializes truth, it does not invalidate the deeper kernel of universal experience which gave rise to cliché. The goal of my work is to reach a kernel which enhances recognition of the familiar by evoking a deeper response rooted in the primal language our visual evolution. Pursuing this objective must spring from personal experience, be it the character of the sea coast, rural fields and forests, the people and culture observed in my travels, the gesture of a brush stroke itself, or the juxtaposition of two colors.

“Dramatic treatment of a subject may bring about a sense of place to the observer, drawing one in to share the artist’s personal feelings and experiences. But it must also present a solution to the aesthetic challenges addressed by the work and achieve both in a way that does not rely on cant or formula.”

Greg lives in Innisfil ON. He was born in Regina in1952, and has lived from coast to coast in Canada; in Colorado; and in northern France. He has been painting professionally since graduating from high school in North Bay.