Hanna MacNaughtan


MacNaughtan, Hanna


Wild Irises for Me


acrylic on canvas


12" x 12"


Artist Statement/Biography

Artist Statement/Biography

"Our family lives along the south branch of the Rideau river where the water is calm and peaceful. It is my zen place.

"Every time I go out back in my canoe or kayak, I see a painting. The view is never the same way twice. Indeed, with every shift of the wind and with every change of season, the landscape inspires me with another perspective. Where some people may see the beavers and ducks crossing the water, I see the shapes and the lines, and the colours and light, reflected off the ripples made as they swim by.

"My interest lies not only in capturing the beauty and tranquility of the visual reflections but to also hold onto the music that I hear from the birds, frogs, trickles of water, and wind through the cattails along the bank. "It is very difficult for me to put into words how I feel – therefore, I make art."

"When I paint I am on the water. As I drift away into my creative zone, my palette knife serves as my ‘paddle’ and the paint becomes the reflections. I usually begin by laying down loose washes of colour while I search for inspiring shapes and patterns. Depending on the piece, I gradually add hard edges, lines and contours. I am always looking at values and tones throughout the piece while it is taking form. Additionally, I strive to find the perfect combination of rhythm, dynamics and harmony until the piece evolves into a unified composition worthy of a hanging wire."