New works from five excellent artists in Winter ’18 Group Show


                               'The Big Bang Theory' by Fred Riley

A welcome respite from these chilly, winter days is a visit to the warm and welcoming environs of TAG Gallery to enjoy new works from five excellent artists in our Winter '18 Group Show. There is a 40-year range of experience in the Group, and with their diverse backgrounds and styles, you are sure to discover, finally, that one piece of art which will be perfect for your home or office.
Fred Riley is a self-taught Hamilton artist whose work strikes an emotional chord by creating a the sense of mystery about his subjects. Nancy Haskell, a well-known Niagara artist and photographer, offers a series of vivid and stylized portraits of women which 'come alive' on the wall. You will also find wonderfully-rendered, large landscapes from Sueda Akkor of St. Catharines, who decided to step away from her career as a health-care professional to take up the challenge of painting full-time.
And we welcome back watercolourist Prudence Smith and abstract-landscape artist Hanna MacNaughtan who have been favourites of clients and visitors at TAG Gallery. The energy of their creativity will help to chase away your winter chills.
The Gallery also features art jewellery; bronze, soapstone, and limestone sculptures; and glass, medal, and transfer art. And we are pleased to offer a viewing of selected pieces from our extensive and informative collection of Historical Images of Niagara.

New from Francie McGlynn: paintings in oils

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'Coeurs d'or'                                                     'Coeurs d'ange'

“For the past several years I have been working exclusively in oil pastels and before that  I worked with pen-and-ink.  This spring, just as I was finishing a series of radiation treatments for Stage 1 breast cancer, I was invited to join a ‘plein-air’ watercolour group.   I enjoyed it immensely and, on a whim, went out and bought some oil paints.  Cancer has a way of catapulting a person into another way of ‘seeing’, and the slow-drying oil paints allowed me to explore new techniques and subjects.
“Although I still highlight with oil pastels (mainly because I don't like using brushes and the pastel stick allows me to define smaller areas better than if I was just using my fingers), these new pieces are done almost completely in oils on an acrylic-glaze-covered, India-ink background.
“When I finish a piece that speaks to me I always have the sensation that I've seen it before, that it has always existed.  So, in this new series, I simply trusted that my muse would go where she was needed to go. I let my fingers do what they wanted to do and I gave no thought to the colours I chose.” (Francie McGlynn)
Read More for a fascinating glimpse into the Artist's process . . .

Spring ’16 Group Show continues to June 25th

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'Sunlight on Poppies' by Niagara Artist, Bev Alldridge

At the height of spring, a visit to TAG Art Gallery will be an enjoyable break from your  busy gardening season. Wander through our 'gate' and be delighted  by how our 'garden' has burst into bloom.  Come and see eye-catching florals by Larissa Svinoukhova, George Nachkov, Brian Wyers, Everist Prokofiev, Luigia Zilli, Claudette Losier, and Prudence Smith.  There are 25 wonderful floral paintings, with selection and styles to create a Spring look for any home or office - including pieces that are ideal for larger walls. In addition, there are new figurative works by Catherine Brassard and Laura Peturson, and new abstracts by Bev Alldridge and MABO. Niagara artists include Baxo, Christopher Peet, Brita Housez, Rachel Hélène Amram, Francie McGlynn, Robin Nisbet, and Bev Barber. Join us Wednesday to Saturday, noon to 6 p.m., 214 King St., St. Catharines. Welcome, visitors to St. Catharines & Niagara. Make your stay more memorable with a visit to TAG Art Gallery, conveniently located in downtown St. Catharines.
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