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Fascinating historical prints, featuring 19th century scenes of Niagara Pencil drawings from the 1820s! Unique lithographs of Niagara Falls, some hand-coloured, widely published in Europe, mid-1700s to 1800s. Trace the illustrations’ histories, from 16th century (Hennepin) through the 18th (Popple) and beyond. Niagara Falls featured in Canadian & U.S. pictorial, travel and lifestyle publications. Early survey & tourist maps of Niagara Falls and environs. ‘Horseshoe Falls’, oil on panel of mysterious origin. Aquatint etchings of LANDMARKSĀ  of Niagara. Commemorating the original Brock’s Monument & Battle of Queenston Heights. Portraits of allies, General Isaac Brock & Chief Thyandenega (Jospeh Brant); depiction... View Article