‘Historical Prints of Niagara’ (to Oct. 20th, 2018)

An 1833 set of 9 original and fascinating studies of Niagara Falls is one of the centre pieces of TAG Art Gallery’s widely-recognized Collection of Historical Prints of Niagara, on display at the Gallery until October 20th, 2018. The mixed-media works were done by Maj. Charles F. Gibson, a junior officer in the British army at the time. Gallery visitors will also be drawn to a 13-print display tracing the first 100 years of the evolution of illustrations of Niagara Falls, starting with Father Louis Hennepin in 1698. Significant works include the third-ever engraving (c. 1700) of Niagara Falls, after the artist Sebastian Le Clerc; and an unusual hand-watercoloured version of a 1776 drawing by Swiss-born, English artist Henry Fuessli. This is a wonderful opportunity to explore your Niagara History!! TAG Art Gallery welcomes you from Wednesday to Saturday, noon to 6 p.m.

Congratulations to the Celebration of Nations 2018

Welcome and Congratulations from Tom and Frank Goldspink of TAG Art Gallery to all of the participants, organizers (Kakekalanicks), and partners who are gathering for the second annual Celebration of Nations in St. Catharines, September 7th to 9th, 2018.  Click here to learn and see more about the Festival.

Exceptional florals in Summer Group Show

TAG Art Gallery is featuring brand new works from two artists – Krys Kaczkan and Brita Housez – who have captured the essence of Niagara’s floral scenery exceptionally well. Krys describes her art as incorporating the spirituality found in nature and the intrinsic messages that surround us every day.  Brita strives to convey basic human emotions through her use of vibrant colours and multi-layers of paint while making sure, at the same time, that every painting is a ‘one-of-a-kind’ piece of art. For the Summer ’18 Group Show, the Gallery is pleased to offer also, new works from Fraser Radford, Prudence Smith, Richard Sadowski, Hanna MacNaughtan and Barbara-Jean Lovell.  The show has a wide selection of affordable art to meet the most varied décor needs, including excellent landscapes and abstracts which are perfect for larger wall spaces.  Among the Niagara artists participating in the show are Andrea Smits, Sueda Akkor, Danny Custodio, MABO, Lorenda Harder, Robin Nisbet, Baxo, and Francie McGlynn.

Congratulations to the 2018 Graphic Design Graduates of Niagara College!

TAG Art Gallery was the venue for the year-end Celebration and Exhibition by the 2018 Graduates of the Niagara College Graphic Design Program, School of Media Studies. More than 175 enthusiastic family and friends turned out, along with College staff, to congratulate the students on the successful completion of three years of study. Tom and Frank Goldspink are very pleased to have hosted the occasion for the 9th year. On the afternoon of April 19th, the graduates mingled with prospective employers at an invitation-only Industry ‘Meet-and-Greet’. The Exhibition, which features portfolios of the graduates’ projects and theses over their time in the program, was open to the public on Friday and Saturday, April 20th and 21st. Click here to view a slide show of the Celebration and Exhibition. (Photo credits: @beccaphotography and TAG Art Gallery)

Winter ’18 Show: Perfect art for home or office

A welcome respite from these chilly, winter days is a visit to the warm and welcoming environs of TAG Gallery to enjoy new works from five excellent artists in our Winter ’18 Group Show. There is a 40-year range of experience in the Group, and with their diverse backgrounds and styles, you are sure to discover, finally, that one piece of art which will be perfect for your home or office.
Fred Riley is a self-taught Hamilton artist whose work strikes an emotional chord by creating a the sense of mystery about his subjects. Nancy Haskell, a well-known Niagara artist and photographer, offers a series of vivid and stylized portraits of women which ‘come alive’ on the wall. You will also find wonderfully-rendered, large landscapes from Sueda Akkor of St. Catharines, who decided to step away from her career as a health-care professional to take up the challenge of painting full-time.
And we welcome back watercolourist Prudence Smith and abstract-landscape artist Hanna MacNaughtan who have been favourites of clients and visitors at TAG Gallery. The energy of their creativity will help to chase away your winter chills.
The Gallery also features art jewellery; bronze, soapstone, and limestone sculptures; and glass, medal, and transfer art. And we are pleased to offer a viewing of selected pieces from our extensive and informative collection of Historical Images of Niagara.

Christmas specials at TAG Art Gallery, including ‘one-of-a-kind’ stocking stuffers

From Dec. 1st to Dec. 22nd, TAG Art Gallery is offering two great specials to all gift shoppers:
20% discount on all items of jewellery, medal art, glassware, and transfer art.
HST rebates on purchases of wall art or sculpture. TAG Art Gallery will cover the cost of the HST on purchases of up to $1,000.*
This is a wonderful opportunity to acquire original Canadian art as unique holiday gifts. Consider the fascinating acrylic at left from eastern Ontario artist Hanna MacNaughtan. Or click here for an ethereal depiction of a Fort Erie church by Port Colborne photographer Richard Sadowski. We are also very pleased to offer the works of the following Niagara artists: Andrea Smits, Baxo, Robin Nisbet, Beverly Sneath, Brita Housez, MABO, Francie McGlynn, Lorenda Harder, Danny Custodio,and Elizabeth Chitty. (*Maximum rebate – $130.)

New at TAG Art Gallery for the Fall ’17 Group Show

Welcome to the Fall ’17 Group Show at TAG Art Gallery where we are featuring a wonderful selection of seasonal landscapes and florals from Linda Woolven, Everist Prokofiev, Brita Housez, Zenon Burdy, Prudence Smith, Beverly Sneath, Gordon Wilson, and Zenon Nowacki. Special highlights for this Group Show are the striking abstract paintings of Andrea Smits, an emerging Niagara artist, and Hanna MacNaughtan, an established artist from the Eastern Ontario region, near Ottawa. Other Niagara artists with works on display are Francie McGlynn, Elizabeth Chitty, Richard Sadowski, Danny Custodio, Baxo, Rebecca Montemurro, Lorena Harder, Robin Nisbet and MABO.

Summer ’17 Group Show

As we continue the Early Summer ’17 Group Show, TAG Art Gallery is pleased to present new works by photographer Richard Sadowski and painter Greg Dow. Richard has created a spiritual depiction of a historic church in Fort Erie, St. Paul’s Anglican. The showstopper from Greg is ‘The Stationmaster’s Office’, with its countless fascinating details of a workaday life. And there are new and affordable floral watercolors by Carol Basciano. Featured artists include Prudence Smith, Marshal Foster, Dave Froude, Julie Himel, and Karen Rieger.

NOTE: The ‘Historical Prints of Niagara’ Exhibition at TAG Art Gallery has been postponed.

Early Summer ’17 Group Show

The luminous landscapes of Artist Karen Rieger radiate warmth and a welcoming atmosphere. Then, a longer look brings the discovery of fascinating details from the Artist’s skillful use of colour.  These larger but affordable works are ideal for spacious walls in your home or business. At our Early Summer ’17 Group Show, TAG Art Gallery also welcomes vibrant, new floral art by Carol Basciano, Barbara-Jean Lovell and Everist Prokofiev.  For abstract art lovers, new works are featured from Alena Plihal, Vasile Ghiiuta, Brita Housez and Ann Weiler.

Exclusive from TAG Art Gallery: Sale of Prints from the EY Collection TAG Art Gallery is pleased to have been selected to assist EY Canada with the de-accessioning of much of its superb collection of Historical and Contemporary art prints. Viewing of the EY Canada Collection is on-line only. Click to view 85 prints in EY Historical, and for 115 prints in EY Contemporary. Purchases can be arranged by contacting the Gallery. 1.877.682.5072

Niagara College Celebration is a huge success

About 200 people — graduates and their joyful families, faculty, alumni and dignitaries — packed TAG Art Gallery for ‘The Rad Behind Grad’, the 2017 Celebration, Exhibition and Awards Presentation for the Graduates of the Graphic Design Program in the School of Media Studies of the Media, Trades and Technology division of Niagara College on the evening of Apr. 21st. The Exhibition also included projects by students of Art and Design Foundation. Tom and Frank Goldspink of TAG Gallery are pleased to have hosted the event for eight years now, to help celebrate the graduates’ artistic and academic achievements – “the intertwining of the practical, the technical, and the imaginative”. The students held a successful Industry Event in the early afternoon, with an excellent turnout of potential employers. The Gallery welcomed the public to view the exhibition at a Preview on Thursday, Apr. 20th, and at the close of the event late on Saturday, Apr. 22nd. Click Here to view a slide show of the Celebration.