Alexandra Gasbarrino

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Artist Statement/Biography

Alexandra is a local artist, born and raised in Niagara Falls. She attended Brock University, receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Political Science, with a minor in Art History. She went on to earn her Master’s in Art History and Visual Culture from the University of Guelph. She has painted since a child, but has no formal training. Her current practice has focused on the therapeutic aspects of painting, as she has had rheumatoid arthritis in her hands since she was fifteen. Painting has therefore become a way for her to explore her own limitations, as well as how to work through them. Abstract art has largely become the manner in which she does this, as it has a beautiful fluidity to it; allowing her to use flat brushes, catalyst wedges, and palette knives to examine themes of pain, freedom, and perseverance through various colors and layering.

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