Andrea Smits

Evocative, new paintings from ‘Self  State: A Collection’

Andrea explores the canvas using dark and rich earth tones, constructing layers with pallet knives and other large objects such as plastic sheets. No brushes are used during this process. Textures of each layer are instinctively and delicately placed as each warm pigment is blended into the next, creating depth and contrast. The pieces are dark, yet elegant, pulling the viewer in where emotion is both comforting and unsettling; thought-provoking but tranquil. Upon viewing, a person can escape into themselves as they discover their own ‘self state’.

Artist Statement/Biography

Andrea Smits is an emerging artist from Welland ON. Painting has been a source of expression as well as a foundation for coping with mental illness. The inspiration of her pieces has been her journey of living with mental illness. The ups-and-downs; and the occasional sideways. Through her work she hopes to bring awareness to mental health and help end stigma by exposing herself to the world artistically, thus opening the minds and hearts of viewers.

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