Ilonka Csano

On-site viewing will require wearing a mask and strictly observing distancing guidelines. Curbside delivery of the art is available. For more information, call 1.877.682.5072 or text 1.905.650.1228.

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Artist Statement/Biography

“For me, the beauty and wonder that surrounds us is an endless stream of inspiration.

“Flowers are what sparks my imagination. I paint them using a unique blend of contemporary and figurative styles that enhances their elegance. I draw on my surroundings to create the styles and designs that grace my canvas: simple features such as furnishings, the vivid colors of certain garments, a landscape or the charm of a former era. Through my paintings the feeling of transparency, textures and brush strokes resembling ribbons and feathers tie everything and gives movement.

“The abstract facet of my flowers is forged by the type of brush and the approach I employ to mix colors and fuse them together, iridescent bronze gives my paintings that antique character so dear to my heart.

“My imagination fills my mind and my hand reveals the image for all to see.”

Ilonka is a self-taught artist. She is notably influenced by her European heritage. Being the daughter of a Hungarian father and a German mother is the essence of her cultural tradition. Born in Quebec, she grew up in Montreal before raising a family of her own in the Eastern Townships. She eventually came back to the big city and now lives east of Montreal, in the Montérégie region.

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