Lorenda Harder

Artist Statement/Biography

“I primarily seek to ‘nail down fleeting beauty’ to reflect creation’s intrinsic, spiritual value. Since I am driven to fit a specific medium to a particular expression, I often find myself breaking free of my cozy home studio to throw paint on to a large canvas in my yard; taking over the kitchen with ink and paper ;or visiting our local beach with watercolours. I can relate to the Irish Fisherman’s prayer “Dear Lord, be good to me, the sea is so wide and my boat is so small” because there is so much art to make and so little time in a day.”
As a figurative expressionist, Lorenda uses strong compositions with variety of line and contrasts, inspired by nature, relationships and memories. She graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Education degrees from the University of Manitoba and has since worked as an artist and educator. Most recently, she has been pulling together and completing thematic collections, incorporating original drawings, acrylic paintings and hand-pulled prints. Lorenda has recently begun participating in local art shows, leading art workshops and creating an online presence. She makes her home in Niagara.(from the Artist)

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