Garnet Hazard, SCPEE (1903-1987)


Garnet Hazard was born in Wallaceburg ON, and grew up on a farm in rural Saskatchewan. He took art classes in Moose Jaw before earning his teacher’s certificate at Moose Jaw Teachers’ College. He taught at schools in rural Saskatchewan before mvoing to the United States to pursue his art studies. Hazard attended the Chicago Academy of Fine Arts, studying with Carl Werntz; and the American Academy of Fine Arts, studying with Harry Timmins. He later attended the Phoenix Arts Institute in New York City, where he studied with Franklin Booth and Thomas Fogarty.

Hazard returned to Saskatchewan, to serve as Director of Art Education at Regina Technical School (later Balfour Technical Collegiate) from 1928 to 1939. He later worked as a lecturer for the Navy League of Canada and as an instructor at the Carnegie Institute in Chicago. He was a member of the Society of Canadian Painter-Etchers and Engravers

Hazard enjoyed seeing other parts of the world and as a young man did extensive traveling on a tramp steamer, an experience that he later drew on in his paintings and drawings. Of his work, Hazard said, “…If my art enables others to appreciate the natural beauty of Canada and the other countries I have visited, then my life has not been a waste.”

Hazard lived in Owen Sound and Fallbrook ON, before settling in Perth, Ontario, where he died in 1987. (from the web site of the Saskatchewan Network of Art Collectors)

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