Lisa Lambertus


Lambertus, Lisa


A New Day


acrylic on canvas


36 " x 48 "


Artist Statement/Biography

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Artist Statement/Biography

"I am a self-taught artist from Ontario. I particularly work with acrylics on canvas, and have branched out to a variety of mixed media approaches. I have never had any formal training and paint more from my heart than anything. I have been very successful with my commissioned work and have had some pieces in gallery settings, participating in Group Shows.

"I have loved painting from a very young age. It heals my soul. I feel my art has taken me on a emotional journey and I have really been able to use my art for healing and enlightenment. I have grown as a person and in turn my art has also grown.

"I mostly paint what inspires me (as most artists do), and that is portraits. I fall in love or become emotionally touched by people's lives and after that I have the need to capture them in a portrait. I have created many paintings for people who have lost loved ones and always try to connect with the person on some level, trying to express a feeling in my paintings. It is amazing to be able to connect with all different people from across the country, I have been very blessed in being able to make each painting for my clients as I learn something new about myself and my art with each one. I am always trying to improve my portraits, specifically trying to capture the true soul or essence of the subject.

"I am always looking for a new inspiration whether it be a dancing glint on the water or a portrait of someone who inspires me. I want to give the viewer a feeling that is palpable. Evoking emotion from a static object is so fascinating to me, sometimes I think there is a little "magic" involved, and, when that magic happens, it is a beautiful moment."