Marco Bertuzzo

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Bertuzzo, Marco


Accident Prone (series of 5)


digital print with acrylic on paper


16 " x 13.5 "


Artist Statement/Biography

Artist Statement/Biography

"In the general body of my work, I explore the theme of danger and the way it is viewed in modern society. We live in such a safe world, with so many systems surrounding us and protecting us, that we often do not realize how abstract our lives are from any real danger. By using a clean and graphic quality to depict strong imagery, I strive to achieve a tension that mixes the clean and sanitized worldview we present to ourselves with raw, animalistic feeling of danger we try to eliminate.

"I try to create images that are both calmingly simple and yet greatly unnerving."

Marco Bertuzzo studied at the Ontario College of Art and Design University. He has exhibited at OCADU and the Delisle Youth Gallery where his submission was chosen to represent the entire collection. He has been featiured live painter at 'Art Battle' events in Toronto, including ArtBattle7, Art Battle X, and Art Battle at the Gladstone. He lives in Maple ON.