Robin Nisbet


Nisbet, Robin




acrylic on canvas


24" x 36"

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Artist Statement/Biography

Artist Statement/Biography

“There are tableaus that strike me as needing to convey a story, to reveal a commonality of experience. My paintings capture and express the amazing cyclical movement of nature, of life, of urban and rural landscapes.  I feel fortunate to live in Canada, a country overflowing with inspirational subject matter.

“The interplay of texture and light, the line between representational and abstract blur and meld as I learn to see life in a new way and translate that onto the canvas. I want those who see my paintings to glimpse the world from my perspective, while remaining open to their own personal interpretation of my work. To sense the cold of a winter’s day, to see the dramatic dance of light and shadow, to recognize that place I paint from as an artist.

“Life mirrors Art. If art is the proper task of life, (then) family and maturity paved the way for my true nature to express itself through my work. As a wife, mother and career woman, it would be middle age before I gave myself the permission and time required to obtain a B.A. in Studio Art, and paint full time. The layers of acrylic which bring life to my paintings mirror the layers of life experience which are reflected in my work.

“I have several goals as an artist. To have my work hang in The National Gallery in my birthplace of Ottawa. To portray (both) my love for this country, and the sense we should never take this great land for granted. To leave a mark without unduly influencing your interpretation of that mark. It is my gift to the viewer; a doorway to an expanded experience. How you go through the doorway is up to you.”  

Robin is an Artist who works across a diverse range of mediums including painting, illustration, photography, sculpture and digital. She lives and works in the Niagara.