Linda Woolven


Woolven, Linda


Dusk on the Lake


oil on canvas


16" x 20"


Artist Statement/Biography

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Artist Statement/Biography

Linda Woolven lived much of her youth and adulthood in Canada away from cities. She has spent many wonderful hours gazing at lakes, rivers and waterways, and absorbing the play of light on water. Her fascination with water reflections, lilies in full bloom, and lily pads, and her mindfulness of the beautiful patterns that the wind and water currents combine to create, caused Linda to do as many Canadians and spend countless hours on the water, staring at the many layers in its depths. This latest series of paintings features water, light play, reflections, and the freshwater flora of a Canadian summer. Many of the pieces are instantly familiar to us as we go boating and swimming in our lakes, and enjoy the views of forests crowding the shorelines.

Linda is a Toronto artist with a degree in Fine Arts. Her work is characterized by her great love of colour and texture and by the movement she creates in her paintings, using light, layers and strokes of the palette knife and brush. She creates moody, emotional pieces that resonate with her audience.

She is a sought-after artist for workshops and classes in Toronto-and-area schools and galleries. She has been teaching the cold-wax method of painting and also is an instructor of impressionist painting. Click here to read more about Linda’s work with cold wax.