Zoé Lefort


Lefort, Zoé


Les pirogues


oil on canvas


24" x 48"


Artist Statement/Biography

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Artist Statement/Biography

“I primarily work with oil paints and have always been known for my rich and bold colours. My style is more realistic and a little impressionistic at times. I tend to paint somewhat differently with each painting as it not only challenges, but each piece has a unique quality and artistic need that calls to me. It is therefore not unusual to switch back and forth from palette knife to brush work in a single piece.

“I paint not only for the enjoyment it brings me, but also for the possible emotions and memories it might evoke in my audience.”

Zoé Lefort is a French Canadian born in Quebec who spent her early childhood years growing up in Montreal. She later on moved to Oakville where she began hand-painting pottery. She continued this for many years and eventually began selling her pieces to several trendy stores in downtown Montreal before the age of 15.

Zoé attended Sheridan College for two years after high school and received her diploma for Travel & Tourism. She worked in this field for a few years but quickly realized that art was her true passion. She returned to Sheridan College where she studied painting, drawing, graphic design and animation for four years and obtained her Bachelor of Arts in Illustration.