Christina Vogiatzis


Vogiatzis, Christina


Les Rues


gouache on paper (framed)


7 " x 5 "


Artist Statement/Biography

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Artist Statement/Biography

(TAG Art Gallery features two works by Christina Vogiatzis from her 'Paris' series.)

“In August, 2014, I travelled to Europe and visited London and Paris, and Rethymnon in Crete. It was an amazing and inspiring trip that allowed me to see in person some of the most incredible and renowned art and architecture in the world.

“Each day, I embarked on ‘photo walks’ of these cities with their beautiful buildings, people, and life that surrounded me. Each scene particularly impressed and inspired me in some way; capturing my attention and beckoning to me. I was attracted to the stunning, rustic beauty, and the exquisite, meticulous detail that they possessed.

“Since my return, I have dedicated much of my time to reproducing these photographs as paintings, drawings, and sketches. I feel that each one of these paintings fully captures the gentle sophistication of Paris, and embodies the essence of this city as I saw it - its incredible elegance and rich history.”

Christina Vogiatzis is from Cambridge ON.