Kapil Harnal


Harnal, Kapil


Man at Window


framed oil-and-graphite on panel

Dimensions (image window only):

30 in. x 16in.


Artist Statement/Biography

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Artist Statement/Biography

“The latest theme to enter my work stems from my feelings about the north and our winter.

“Having grown up in Montreal, and experienced the climate there, I feel that the winter is a crucial part of the Canadian identity and way of life; a great and beautiful shared experience. As a figurative painter, I have also noticed that at certain times of the winter, the Canadian identity (of individual Canadians) is mostly concealed. We are left with a pair of eyes, or a nose and mouth; sometimes less.

“My recent endeavours seek to analytically describe that which is left visible, peeking from the concealment imposed by the cold. The rest is described by the elements that hide our hair or mouth, also meticulously rendered; for these are part of a new identity linked to our shared climate. A character in the story of our northern winter.

“Another visual element of our winter that I have explored in my art is the effect of the pure white snow that embellishes everything.  A naturally occurring enrichment to what could otherwise be an uninspiring and tired modern environment.  Inspired by the spectacular results of this seasonal gift, I have snowed over representations of exhausted concepts, virtually whitewashing them.  Repurposing these objects as underpaintings allows them the opportunity to be part of a fresh contemporarily relevant identity, and enhances the layered complexity and tension of my Artworks.” (from the Artist)

Kapil Harnal received his BFA from Concordia University, Montreal, and has exhibited in Ontario and Quebec. He lives and works in Toronto.